As for full-load containers (FCL) as for consolidated cargo (LTL), our sea freight options are various. Thanks to our wide network we can organize complete and secure execution of cargo in many ports around the world. We coordinate all communication, inspections, documents and with our wide experience, we can provide you the best service, for instance with our wide range of possibilities from Rotterdam and Hamburg ports.

Full-load containers and consolidated cargo

Do you have a shipment that requires carriage of full-load containers or consolidated cargo by sea? We will help you to arrange the carriage as effectively as possible. We will assist you to load the container as efficient as possible in case of relatively small freight, to lash (secure) the cargo, and to transport the containers in the most profitable and quickest way.

The execution and transfer of the seafreight

We take care of the execution of your seafreight till the final delivery point. We can line-up the invoices and B/L along with you, and have the receiver give you a final confirmation of the receipt of cargo, to avoid any transferring troubles. In addition, we can take care of the pre- and on carriage of containers, both from the shipping company, and final consignee.

Do you need more information on our seafreight options, please contact us, and we would appreciate serving you!