Try to make the air carriage of your cargoes with us - and you will be saved from troubles. We procure the most effective, reliable and profitable way of air carriage. Do you want to get the procuring and execution of your cargo at the airport? We know the process, have the communications and experience to procure you the most convenient and professional service.

The execution at the airport

We can offer aircargo solutions, including a secured handling at the airports. Notice, that you have an opportunity to fully pass these processes to one team of specialists. Do you have a request for transport of pharmaceutical, sensitive or urgent products, which has to comply to various rules and requirements?  Thanks to our wide experience we can provide you with valuable advices, take care of the paperwork in respect of both the carriage and execution in the airport.  We can take care and organize the drawing of the airway bill, as well as provide you with an explanation in respect of how this process should look like.

Do you need to have your aircargo recognized within security regimes, or need to learn about requirements and inspections? Contact us, and we will be able provide you with all the information that you need.