Fiscal representation

Profound and up to date knowledge of tax laws can provide you substantial savings, which will provide you with relevant information about VAT matters. Fiscal representation is the way to help our clients to fulfill their obligations in relation to the VAT on the profit that was obtained in the Netherlands. We take care of the administrative support of your business to give you more space and opportunities to focus on your actual business.

The VAT return within the fiscal representative

An advantage of the fiscal representation we can perform, is the VAT refund. We provide the Trade Declaration within the European Economic Community to the tax services. We also can advise you on the VAT. In addition, we can take care of the agreements with the tax authorities and can requests for permits, in case necessary and relevant. We provide a complete fiscal representation to you, which saves you from possible worries and delays.

Administrative support services

Himex Logistics can act as a fiscal representative and take away the administrative procedures. We can ask for a VAT return or advise you to be informed in advance on legal requirements and current financial opportunities. For example, do you buy VAT goods from the Netherlands? In most cases, the VAT is refundable and we can completely take care of it.

Do you want to ask for the VAT return or you need services of a fiscal representative? Contact us, and learn in what way we can act on your behalf.