Customs control

Do you need an advice on customs formalities? Do you wish to be adequately informed on imports and exports through customs? Having a broad experience, we will be able to recognize what is important for you. We can advise you on imports and exports, and, if you want, we can take care of all your customs related paperwork.


Questions about EX-A, T-1, T-2 and TIR Carnet, Himex can provide the full issuing and exection of these documents, allowing you to have a smooth export procedure. Himex is happy to advise you in respect of the execution of such documents and can ensure that your shipment will not be delayed during the customs control.


Himex also can assit you to import goods into the Netherlands or Europe, as well as organizing the declaration of imports (IM-A). We care about the documents you need, and our experienced staff can advise you in respect of importing in the customs zones.

Temporary import or export

Goods that you want to export or import on a temporarily base, must usually be sent along with the ATA Carnet and be presented for customs control. Himex has an extensive experience in providing this option, having taken the leading role in several projects and exhibition goods and equipment in the past. Costs were minimized, during the temporarily presence of goods abroad.

Documents of origin

To show the origin of your goods, we are able to execute the Certificate of Origin (CVO) or EUR.1. The use of such documents can provide you and your customers with many benefits for payments of import duties. Our direct communications with the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands make it possible to execute such documents quickly and correctly.